Here’s the cheapest price yet for the iPhone 15 SIM-free

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Nick Rayner
2023-09-18 07:14:05

If you’re looking for the newest Apple iPhone at the best price, without being tied into a contract, then you need to go to Box with this discount code.

All eyes are on Apple since its Wonderlust event where it announced, among other things, the all-new iPhone 15. If you want to get your hands on this phone as soon as possible, then click here and apply the code ‘PERK20’ at checkout to secure a £20 discount on your pre-order.

USB-C charging, a Dynamic Island notch and a souped-up camera array – the iPhone 15 is packed with more features than ever before. If you want to be able to enjoy all the newest tech Apple has to offer on day one, why not do it with a £20 discount?

An incredible discount code on an iPhone 15 pre-order

Courtesy of Box, apply the code PERK20 at checkout and get an extra £20 off the preorder of the iPhone 15 so you can enjoy it all on day one.

The biggest story so far for the iPhone 15 has been the introduction of a USB-C charging port, leaving the Lightning charger behind after 11-years of service. This brings the iPhone in line with its Android competition, as well as Apple’s own iPad and MacBook ranges. Cutting down on the number of cables you need is a good thing, and now you’ll only need one to charge all of your main Apple devices.

Beyond that dramatic change, Apple looks to have focused on making relatively small improvements where available, so it’s probably not an essential upgrade for owners of the iPhone 13. These tweaks include the use of a 48MP main camera sensor previously reserved for the Pro series, which should elevate the already well-regarded iPhone photo experience, especially when it comes to using zoom.

The iPhone 15 looks like, on paper, a decent upgrade for anyone currently using the iPhone 12 or iPhone 13, especially with the inclusion of Pro features such as the Dynamic Island and the higher megapixel count. If you use the PERK20 discount code, you’ll be getting all this on launch day for £779, which is a great price for the latest iPhone.

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