Pentagon UFO investigator: Extraterrestrial ‘technical surprise’ is top concern | ABCNL

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46 responses to “Pentagon UFO investigator: Extraterrestrial ‘technical surprise’ is top concern | ABCNL”

  1. Earth is not even mentionable in the universe and is unbelievably hidden. Do you really believe Aliens would find something interesting on Earth? Aliens don't exist folks but new technologies do exist, indeed.

  2. JOHN CUETO says:

    If they don't exist, why don't you let the 40 first-hand witnesses David Grush talked to testify to congress what they know to the American people.

  3. Wes Wagner says:

    Same old ridiculous pretense that an investigation is taking place. All it is is taking testimony from witnesses and dealing with the phenomenon after the fact-classifying the sightings as explained/unexplained. A real investigation needs to be civilian not military, with the establishment of a large scale atmospheric surveillance program using a variety of sensing equipment. A dispersed fleet of rapid response teams that can quickly arrive in locations where this very elusive phenomenon happens. It needs to be proactive not merely reactive. It needs long term commitment with a large budget with multinational participation. A simultaneous inquiry into government involvement needs to be pursued as well.

  4. Ahsan Ahmed says:

    AARO said in an another interview that hey look i can tell you where the fallen craft parts are but that is not important we want to understand it and solve it first something like that , he also mentioned that one of the crafts that the jets chased went under water but it was a decoy it actually went up , one of them went straight forward meaning it created multiple decoys, absolutely challenging scary and mind blowing to know these facts.

  5. Hank Fowler says:

    It should now be in our vernacular that we have been "Kirkpatricked" as a term used to be gaslit about UFO recovery.

  6. Sonia Ellis says:

    Ordinary drones distorted by night vision goggles , they having us on , i never heard such a poor explanation in all my life ,the Pentagon up there tricks trying to debunk it , i bet they have made a secret report that comes to a totaly different conclusion.😮😅

  7. Loïc Rateau says:

    To All Constructive Critical Minds hello, allo, salut 0:53

    1. And if The UFO – UAP that we seem small to the camera, on the Authentic videos of American Military Pilots and more,

    2. Yes, if these small UFOs UAPs were actually only the visible part of an Alien SpaceShip ?, like the periscope of a SubMarine !

    3. So The Alien Humanoids ADAM & EVE can be seen as they wish, but not to frighten humans, the Military Pilot, so they hide 99,9% of their SpaceShip

    4. thus leaving visible only a very small part by their Hyper-technology, Hyper-evolved of more 5 million years ahead of us

    5. And they do so to show us also in +21st sc as in -11'500bc that they're an Humanoid Extra-terrestrial Civilization :


    6. but also to warn us, that we understand :


    Elnes L
    Facebook : Loic Pinot-Rateau

  8. nickasbury says:

    God Kirkpatrick is not transparent at all . Seems so frickin shady

  9. I came to the comments section seeking for anyone that supported Kirkpatrick. Anyone who defended the arguments of what seems a legit scientist.

    Being open and not affirming of anything until there's material proof is quite an accomplishment in today's academia and scientific community. What I found instead is a bunch of illiterate maniacs who think believing there's something to unveil actually means there is something to unveil. That the shadows of a cover-up means automatically proof of hypotheses. The first law of scientific research is, quite the contrary, that you must also consider as an outcome that your hypotheses might be wrong. You aim for something and that's alright, science accepts the challenge as long you accept it is still a belief until proven otherwise. And if your belief doesn't hit anything material or empirical then you must change your perspective, grow, and learn that suspicion is not always synonymous with truth.

    This lead me to confirm why the ufo community has such a bad press and why we are quite doomed as a society: uap's are genuinely a fantastic subject to study. I would love them to be proof of another form of life, another dimension or other form of reality. I also want to believe. And, from what I see and hear in the video, Kirkpatrick would love it too.

    However, unlike most of the brainwashed fanatics in the comment section, he also states that he will put his desire and belief aside in favor of a greater good: being consistent and truthful to facts and the scientific method.

    That, to me, sounds like the only reasonable voice here. He is promoting qualities that are quite rare and valuable these days: integrity, patience and doubt.
    Props to him. Shame on the rest.

    You bunch don't deserve ufo's to be real given your immaturity. If there's finally a cover-up now I fully understand why. You guys can't handle the truth. You are not prepared.

  10. Dean Kimball says:

    Back before most of us were born Dwight D. Eisenhower warned Americans of the "Military Industrial Complex" and their control over our democracy during his Presidential farewell address. Well, we didn't pay attention. The next President (JFK) actually tried to drain the swamp and ended up being killed on live TV and within weeks we entered the Vietnam War diverting billions of dollars into the military industrial complex. Since then the amount of the US budget going to the MIC has constantly increased while average Americans got poor. The UAP issue is not about learning if the observers are real because that should be clear by now. This is about who is in control of the US government – We The People or the Military Industrial Complex. Poking this snake pit is dangerous and it's not a matter of what we might learn but whether our elected officials have the guts to put everything on the line to take back control of the country. There is a very real chance they will come back to the next public hearing with their tails between their legs and say "it was just swamp gas".

  11. B21Raider says:

    From Project Blue Book, just denial.

    Now at least we all know the truth.

  12. Dan Junkins says:

    yeah I heard they're trying to sell the Brooklyn Bridge too.
    NoBody Trusts anthing our lovely government says anymore!.
    The government lies about telling lies.
    Do not believe "The Great Deseption"

  13. he looks exactly like the kind of guy you would hire to deny any credible evidence of extraterrestrial activity.

  14. So you've seen "nothing" in the way of evidence that supports extraterrestrial intelligence. How about non-human intelligence? Can Kirkpatrick define exactly what he means by "nothing"? Because he's either blatantly sidestepping the main issue, or just plain telling lies.

  15. "Technical surprise" So we aren't surprised yet? This is a space weapons development ploy that will be used against us. These things could have taken the world when we were throwing spears at each other. They're been here for decades even centuries and we have nothing to teach them except how to kill a planet. What are they doing here? maybe they've been living here since we were using stone axes. Maybe we are the threat. Maybe developing weapons to destroy them is the most dangerous thing we can do.

  16. These things appear and disappear like Bidens memories.. lol.

  17. This guy is a government flunky…

  18. Birds and balloons powder by anti matter… ok.. balloons my mister spook ears..


  20. Omg, did you really include adam schiff in this video? I can't believe that editorial choice. He is probably the least credible person you could have chosen. Have a down vote, turned your video off after that m

  21. He doesn't have any evidence.
    Shut up!!

  22. Disinfo from the poorl informed ..

  23. Debra Talbot says:

    Who’s paying Kirkpatrick to do the debunking? The truth won’t come out while he’s running the show.

  24. Carlos Ruiz says:

    I dont know what you folks are all complaining about good Dr. Kirkpatrick… He is actually dropping some good intel here:
    2:50 He is acknowledging some craft are extraterrestrial by claiming that 'not all of them are' 😉

  25. drD E says:

    Kirkpatrick is a liar and a fraud.

  26. 😂 we don't believe you so stop spreading fake news

  27. Zentao420 says:

    Thank you for spoon-feeding us another serving of bovine feces because all you want to report on is what the government wants you to report to us. There's no real journalism happening here.

  28. Hired to cover things up.

  29. Mike G says:

    This guy is going to be the most shocked when he finds out the truth….. just because hes the head of ARRO he thinks he gets to see it all….thats funny

  30. frankbraker says:

    Kirkpatrick is such a prickly porcupine, nobody is going to tell him anything. Of course he has no clue.

  31. 986C says:

    It’s all fantasy. None of this is real, just something for the stoners and kids to believe in.

  32. Hank Fowler says:

    AARO stands for Astronomically Awful Research Outfit

  33. Ervin says:

    All of these have been already been seen a long time ago, these aren’t new news

  34. Blueberryy says:

    When the government investigates it always spends huge amounts of resources to cover up the evidence that others have found and to find nothing on itself. I think the Warren Commission was 26 volumes. It is time all commissions be appointed by the public determined to find the truth

  35. Blueberryy says:

    Kirkpatrick now he says he is insulted by whistleblowers. Why ?

  36. bethebong says:

    No one born in the 80s is surprised lol
    We just want clean water and food. Extraterrestrials are welcome. Just don't want terrible things to occur.

  37. Sky Watcher says:

    I'm sure Kirkpatrick is a shill trying to gaslight us. Disclosure now. We want truth.

  38. Kirkpatrick is puking up whatever govt. narrative show they are locked into.. He's completely opposed to the truth!

  39. Looks like he is executing his orders by calling Grusch insulting.

  40. I have seen many UFOs in front of Sunset Restaurant, Malibu, California. Some say there is a UFO base underwater off Zuma Beach. Some UFOs move very quickly and can change directions rapidly. Some move in spirals, irregular triangles, squares, and rectangles. Some fly in a straight line, then disappear and reappear. Normal human airplanes fly slowly and in straight lines when seen from the beach, but those UFOs fly super fast. They appear as stars. I feel like they are communicating with their base using some kind of code. There were hundreds of them. When I first arrived there, they didn't move at all, making it look like a regular night sky. We used flashlights to draw circles towards the sky for about 5-10 minutes and waited for about 45 minutes. Then, they started moving. It was crazy. I hope someone can videotape the UFOs someday and follow their movements. You can easily see many falling stars or falling UFOs in Malibu, around 5-15 per night.

  41. For Kirkpatrick, everything will always be swamp gas. Its time someone give a big kick on his trousers and bring the whole truth to scene. 🙏👍

  42. ⚠️ We all know Mr. Kirkpatrick was put there for deception. He is creating difficulties for investigation of the facts. It's obvious. How can he promptly dismiss thousands of cases. This man is the Dr. Fauci of UFO subject. He denies all the time, and that's his job there. 🙏👍

  43. Life beyond earth: yes we have found other planets with grass plants and oceans

  44. David Fraser says:

    Sean Kirkpatrick and his ARRO group are just another fake government front under the auspices of the secretly funded alien technology agencies. Kirkpatrick claims David Grusch's and other whistleblower claims are insulting and should not be believed.

  45. Calvin Saxon says:

    We are either all alone or we are not. These are the only two possibilities. The implications of each alternative are staggering.

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