UFO Attack in Peru — Latest News and Footage!

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Share the Tech Knowledge!

38 responses to “UFO Attack in Peru — Latest News and Footage!”

  1. Deep state…. Why would aliens be assholes like us?

  2. News-Ark says:

    Why has the mainstream news media ignored this event?

  3. Don TranQuiL says:

    Let’s see if more videos show up.
    Wish they where not blurry.
    Those people don’t have that perfect phones like we have, most of them use old phones… so that’s a possibility.

    Thx for the info😎

  4. Maria L says:

    💯 analysis!!! I totally agree with you. I think these are real. I’ve done a lot of research myself too. Forgot his name but that FBI guy who does interviews said things would escalate this July 2023 with uavs

  5. Ian Martin says:

    I believe I believe it's a false flag preparation for the main event maybe some non-human intelligence or give me a hand in the operation also I guess we'll find out hopefully sooner than later particularly before the final event whatever that may be thanks Jack for doing what you do

  6. sh,ashyaz says:

    They're perverted beings
    They want ur Sperm
    They're CUMMING

    Finished the BORDER 😂

  7. Sam Tavares says:

    Seems like a Wraith to me. Maybe there is an old stargate nearby.

  8. Ultra Ultra says:

    The reason they peel faces is due to human physiology. These beings absorb nutrients through their flesh in a type of slurry. When people are in fearful states, the blood will rush to their heads as part of a fight or flight response. With the massive number of capillaries under the skin on a human face acting as a sort of filter, they find this blood to be particularly delectable. The laceration on a face is likely a sort of taste test. These beings typically feed in small groups, 3-5 of them sharing the slurry of whatever creatures they are consuming.

  9. NA says:

    I have not been following this Peru incident so where should I go to get a detailed version of what's going on

  10. They're hogging all the iowaska. Jk. Maybe they summon them using the juju juice.

  11. Demons can appear as beings of light

  12. Where did you find the photo at the beginning? I cant find it online other than in youtube videos. Another video said he took 5 pics, i want to see them all.

  13. Also there was a 7ft Grey that was filmed with a camera phone in a Las Vegas backyard late May, early June. This area of Peru was inhabited by the Maya who ultimately vanished.

  14. Paul H says:

    Poor video , @ 8:45 Looks like a torch being shone at tree branches, I don't see anything.

  15. Paynegürü says:

    in this region, there is an infamous jungle bacteria that if it infectss you, it makes literally your face to fall off, i cant recall the name right now, but the face peeler that is being mentioned likely has some relation to this dangerous jungle ilness.

  16. The terrible video quality and the fact the most of these occurrences always get filmed on a potato tells me it’s fake

  17. Goodspeed says:

    Thx Jack, great news as usual.
    Hard to draw any conclusions without verified facts.
    But It comes at the right time to stigmatize disclosure.

  18. Of course he took a picture of this and not a video 😂😂😂

  19. L21 says:

    Attacked!?! or threatened?

  20. Under no circumstance are aliens coming to Earth to screw with some poor villagers by peeling off their faces and attacking teenage girls with knives. Jesus Christ, come on. If attacks are indeed happening you can bet your last dime it's a CIA op as we've been warned about them pulling this crap before. These people are soulless and will do anything to further their selfish and greedy agenda. They have caused the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Latin people (alone over 200,000 dead caused by the 1954 CIA led coup in Guatemala that Bill Clinton eventually apologized for in 1999) and simply don't care about any other peoples' lives. Who knows what they (CIA/MIC) are planning for because it is obvious that knife wielding Greys are not going to be believed as genuine ET threats in THIS country.

  21. If the BEINGS are peaceful, we should not be hostile at all. ❤❤❤

  22. I know all this footage and photos are blurred and unclear usually, but if you think about it, this can be a blessing in disguise, u know, we don't want to be scared out of our minds, with clear pictures of Aliens all the time, we'r not READY for that really, they must do this on purpose, getting us all use to these things slowly, thank god,😻🤔😸💜💜

  23. Mike Benson says:

    No need for gun confiscation now!. This maybe a regular occurrence. Aliens were also spotted in Las Vegas.

  24. Cdo Brown says:

    Illegal foreign miners using high tech to intimidate and force the tribe from their land.

  25. Grant says:

    Send in Kirkpatrick he will have an answer in minutes!

  26. Grant says:

    Jack please play the video just mute it….. On second thoughts don't bother video is terrible quality! My Atari 2600 had better graphics! This is project BlueBalls for sure! This is total NUTS!!!!🌰🌰🌰🌰🌰🥜🥜🥜🥜🥜

  27. Franklin says:

    Is this like the movie Signs?

  28. Susan W says:

    The creatures look like holographic projections to me

  29. How do they know it was a knife that injured the young female?

  30. David Ryker says:

    Looks very weird 😮

  31. NE Explorer says:

    false flag alien invasion….would that be mexico

  32. Tritun says:

    Wonder if it’s surgical like cattle mutilations.

  33. I'm missing something. What is the control group, Jack? Please define.

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