William Shatner calls UFO hearings ‘ridiculous’ | Elizabeth Vargas Reports

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20 responses to “William Shatner calls UFO hearings ‘ridiculous’ | Elizabeth Vargas Reports”

  1. Mo Makinde says:

    Ill love to store my nutty crystals on the moon for sure, just in case Shatner is wrong.

  2. ETHANoS says:

    William I just finished watching a whole show on the Unexplained where you quite fervently were a proponent on aliens on earth wtf bro

  3. He's an actor, what does he know about UFOs? nothing

  4. It seems that Captain Kirk has forgotten the Prime Directive.

  5. Tis better to be thought of as a fool then to open your mouth and remove all doubt. Good one William your truly a dull knife

  6. They aren't hiding. They've come to many of us and interacted with us in our personal lives. This isn't fantasy. Multitudes have had these experiences. I believe that they are keeping humanity quarantined because we are a dangerous species. Just look at what's happening in our world.

  7. Colin Adgie says:

    So the question was ‘ why would intelligent life travel 10,000 miles to visit us and then hide?’ Well what about ‘The prime directive?’ That’s been a Star Trek rule since the beginning. That you investigate but not interfere with a primitive species 🤔

  8. ThunderBolt says:

    If you can travel in a blink of an eye to anywhere at any time, why would you want to reveal yourself to a species that has a history of war and conquering new lands. Here….have all our technology so you can come visit us, and when you get here and don’t like what we are….please destroy us as you do to yourselves.

  9. Elizabeth says:

    I guess William Shatner has never read the Holy Scriptures. Because it says specifically that a war broke out in Heaven. That the unholy ones were kicked out of Heaven , and hurled down here to the Earth. When your thrown down , you most usually don't have any control out of how you hit the ground.
    They do hide , because they're afraid.
    They're afraid of being caught by us, and being exposed for who they are. Some of them don't look so hot either.
    Not all of them abduct humans , and they are afraid. They're homeless. They cannot go back home. They have lost everything. Some of the things they do are just flat-out wrong. Also they have done so much surveillance , they know very well that we are on the verge of extinguishing ourselves on this planet to nuclear war. Some of them hide in the ocean , some of them have other places that they go. Even Genesis chapter 6 talks about them a little bit.
    The Book of Revelations talks about the war that broke out in Heaven.
    I'm so sorry that he's as old as he is , and he doesn't really understand or know about the universe around him.
    The scriptures never told us we were alone. In fact it tells us the opposite.
    We have never been alone. When the Greatest Immortal that ever walked the Earth ascended , and showed Himself in Heaven , and how He was brutally murdered down here , a war broke out in Heaven.
    A lot of people when they read the scripture that says , God created the Heavens and the Earth in six days and on the seventh day He rested. They think it was literal twenty-four-hour days , and they're wrong. Because the Sun and the Moon we're not created untill the 4th day. God's days are different than ours. Our days are solar.
    To be specific 23.58 seconds is one Solar day. Human beings misinterpret everything. Because they are afraid.
    Some people are greedy and selfish and want nothing but power. There are good and bad people , also there are good and bad non humans. One thing that escapes people's notice , mostly because they just don't care , and they do not believe in God Almighty. In fact a lot of people blame Him for the bad things that people do. " I will collect my children , from the four corners of the Heavens , as well as the four corners of the Earth , to meet together , on that Great Day of God Almighty". That's what the Holy Scriptures say. The Greatest Immortal that ever walked the Earth said this : when you see all these rotten things going on, look up , and be of good cheer , because your deliverance is near. These matters will be set straight. And all things made brand new. Because the things that God has created , have been subjected to futility.
    He will be showing up shortly !!
    It says that He will be arriving in great bright light.
    There will be no mistaking Him.

  10. Go home William Shatner you’re drunk.

  11. These UFO Hearings at the US 🇺🇸 Capital is History 🛸👽

  12. rich808 says:

    Sir… what about the Prime Directive? sir

  13. FearsomeR4Z3 says:

    How do you know what aliens think? Shows you how dumb humans are.

  14. scott masson says:

    “Get a life, people.” – Captain Kirk

  15. sulu says:

    My take away from Shatner and Neil Degrasse Tyson and all the other naysayers is they are shills for the powers that be. I’m giving them a lot of credit here for it’s hard to believe that they are truly that ignorant

  16. Avalon_1991 says:

    What about The Prime Directive in Star Trek where they aren't allowed to interfere in the development of another civilization? That's pretty much what the aliens are doing. They've probably been to loads of planets with intelligent life and decided not to interfere. They were maybe even asked not to get involved by the governents of the world.

  17. Skr Skr says:

    Somethin doesnt smell right. Youre not actually putting these crystals in space so really its a scam to do god knows what with ppls dna, idk about this guy

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