Mind-bending! UFO Hunter TR3-B Video That Can’t Be Explained! CRAZY NEW UFO Video’s! 2023

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Share the Tech Knowledge!

20 responses to “Mind-bending! UFO Hunter TR3-B Video That Can’t Be Explained! CRAZY NEW UFO Video’s! 2023”

  1. This triangular craft is one of the 3 ships that Linda Moulton Howe talks about . The Tall Whites apparently helped our Government build them

  2. 4thdemz says:

    look a them idiots on bikes, obviously there brains a aint so precious to protect.

  3. I've found that night vision scopes are invaluable for detecting various crafts at night. It also makes it possible to capture higher quality and more stable videos of UFO and UAP. The price range right now is in the range of 200$-600$tear3(weapons grade)800$-1500 tear5(military grade)

  4. Barry843 says:

    The smell I think is smelling like Rotten eggs .

    I really want to kno what happened to the 3 objects that were shot down in America right after the China spy balloon ? ? ?

  5. Afura33 says:

    Get the information out guys.

  6. Ian Hilton says:

    well that was very telling.this ufo is sitting in a blimp storage facility….i suspect alot of these things are infact blimps, military blimps

  7. I did see a star through the three lights in this video as the lights turned downwards and went south. So who knows. At least that’s what it looks like on my lil old phone screen. Either way the three lights are in full synch with each other.

  8. So it sounds like the only way we as the outisde public are going to find out for sure and get real evidence is………friends get your shovel, were gonna have to go on a digging expedition

  9. FLOJOtube says:

    REGARDING THE "MITTENS" SEEN ON THE 4ft TALL CRASHED ALIENS: Many years ago, I was told that the "Retrieval Teams" were EQUIPPED W/ MITTENS which were IMMEDIATELY PLACED ON THE HANDS OF THE EBEN's so that they could not use their hands to operate the craft….

    Im sure nobody will see this, but this was from a very old veteran who had some VERY believable, yet wild stories to tell.

  10. Toni Mora says:

    There is always one person who without any evidence who has to think they know everything. Trying to discredit these very cool video’s

  11. Steve0504 says:

    This is all a distraction from the BIG LIE….

    “The Big Lie” is that Biden won the 2020 election. HE DID NOT.

    Trump was the victim of a COUP.

    The Deep State is going to do whatever they need to, to stop Trump from winning for a THIRD TIME in 24.

    DEEP STATE MUST BE STOPPED. If we lose the country, we are never going to get it back again. The REAL NAZIS will take the entire world and plunge us into a thousand years of darkness.

    THESE democrats are PURE EVIL. They accuse TRUMP of doing everything THEY are actually doing….

  12. Phaota says:

    I heard awhile back in an interview on a show, forgot which one, where a military jet pilot individual who was around during the Roswell crash noted the craft was shot down, it didn't just crash. That would also explain why the beings got out of the craft.

  13. Ms Williams says:

    Saw this same video on Secure Team 10

  14. All of this evidence should be mass produced. Made available online . Make into a book form . And I say make a million free copys. Then free online. I would make posters of several of the crash retrievals and shirts . A constant reminder of the government lies and needing of a full restructuring to get rid of agency's and military by legal means.

  15. The American people have the right to organize and dismantle the entire government. All we have to do is contact every single voting citizen and keep track vote by vote and little by little get rid of offices and military and agency's all with voting . We could literally completely change the government to get rid of all spending all offices and leders and make new ones. This could easily be done with live video computers and phone and the news agency's. We need to now before the government trys to take the freedom of the press and voting . And they already control all tv and radio stations to a degree by putting a official at each station to say what cam or can't be said . This can be done if not dismantle a total restructuring that puts all money into education and the people would be to smart to let hillbilly military control anything in a modern country again. It should be that all government has no secrets from the people and should all be put on live video. It's a dream but I believe it can be done. Just organize it like the hippies in a nation wide movement.

  16. Who says it's fake ? Do they think the US government is the only ones who can video a ufos.

  17. 120dbdave says:

    Does Gravity push or pull? Will you ever get a flying saucer motorhome?

  18. The plants behind Mike Schrat remind me of Baby Groot from the Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

  19. Jconn79 says:

    I dont care about alleged witness after witness because of the subject matter unless their is physical hard proof ie..pictures or videos then statements and drawings and people that wont give names to verify anything is all just here say not evidence

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