Jeremy Corbell reacts to US Government hiding UFO info

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20 responses to “Jeremy Corbell reacts to US Government hiding UFO info”

  1. Mary Story says:

    Why wouldn’t U A P’s intervene to stop the horror of Hamas ?

  2. Ryan McKee says:

    For those that don't know, check out the "Unidentified Anomalous Phenomenon Disclosure Act of 2023" that Senator Chuck Schumer has proposed. He is the Senate Majority Leader and feels that the topic of UAPs is extremely important.

  3. MrBetamax75 says:

    Hard to believe this tool is front and centre of the UFO issue. All the credibility of a snake oil salesman.

  4. Js D says:

    Can anybody show me a good clear I mean clear photo or video of a UFO OR UAP one that nobody can denie I don't mean the usual blured images that was capture from a couple of hundred feet away or more,I can see that happening way back in the day when the technology wasn't that advanced, but today we cameras that are available to the general public that far more advanced than ever before,and yet we still come up with prettyreah much the same kind of usual vauge images as before,,I.e shots that are just out of reach or the camera.suddenly stops working e.t.c there is always something that makes the images questionable either C.G.I or the images have been doctored,,until the I will have my doubts about aliens from outer space another dimension….P.S why all all the hype about aliens and U.F.O all of a sudden people from all walks of life have sworn that they have encountered aliens and U.F.O for decades ….strange


  5. see jeremy lieing.. graves said HE NEVER SAW ANYTHING HIMSELF same as Grusch, the ONLY person that saw ANYTHING was the commander.. we listen to their openings.

  6. Massive supercooled controlled magnets levitating on earths electro magnetic field, I don't think intelligent life will be playing hide and seek with us…

  7. Hiding information from us? How could it be?

  8. OJ says:

    Buddy, the goverment is the oath, they can lie and nothing would happen.

  9. Atzi says:

    Not that shocking, like if you really think we were the only life in the whole universe

  10. High ranking military officers and CIA agents do not get charged criminally for lying under oath. This is a psychological operation. People need to quit believing the government.

  11. james d says:

    My uncle flew the U2 spy plane out of Area 51 he is long since retired and is now a ceo at a big non profit we’ll last week after those hearings he is at my dads house who was also military and they are talking in his office about the hearings when I overhear him saying the tic tac were the same aircraft they had him test pilot back in the 80’s he then goes on to say that it’s all our tech but it is so advanced that it just looks like it’s from somewhere else

  12. John Celona says:

    Hi brother, here’s a blast. John Lear, somewhat buried on intraweb, speaks like he knows Bob and other musings. Enjoy, John

  13. 14 billion lightyears and our transmissions are what? 150ly out? That means the aliens would have to live within a 75 lightyear radius of us. I absolutely believe there's life elsewhere, but the odds of finding us would be very slim. This is also why the Fermi paradox is bs.

  14. Wait till you find out that these entities can wipe out memories, abduct us, and move around us without physically being here. They are inter-dimensional.

  15. Alex L says:

    LIES and more LIES… that’s all I keep hearing and withholding information is the same as lying. We know there’s real proof so why not just disclose it!

  16. NEO DON says:


  17. J Smith says:

    Jeremy is being fed information or perhaps disinformation from the CIA and intelligence community. It’s all a big scam to seize control through a fake alien invasion, further enrich the military industrial complex , further erode our privacy even more than the Patriot act did, and perhaps affect the outcome of the next election between an old senile cucumber and Trump. The crooked DOJ is involved as well. Keep your eye on all the CIA, DIA, NSA peeps involved, Elizondo, Mellon , Semivan, Nolan, Grusch, McCullough, Clapper and more. When Schumer opens his mouth the deep state is speaking. Why is he suddenly involved? They must have a lot of compromising info on him.

  18. This is a campaign against secrecy, generally. We've been in a dark age.

  19. Christophe says:

    The campaign is working, thats for sure, whatever its intentions are… I remain cautious.

  20. CoCo 🥀 says:

    Yep. True story. -Ambassador Edwards MUFON

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