WEAPONIZED : EP #39 : UFO Earthquake – Dr. Lacatski’s Bombshell & AARO’s Shaky Ground

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46 responses to “WEAPONIZED : EP #39 : UFO Earthquake – Dr. Lacatski’s Bombshell & AARO’s Shaky Ground”

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  2. Philly Hardy says:

    Why not admit health effects? Cause they’ve traded our lives for medical experiments for their tech, and they even know about the problem to fix, pieces of shit😊

  3. Philly Hardy says:

    Ima little confused by corbels opinion, he says the tick tac isn’t us, that we don’t have any equivalent craft , but then lazar completely tells and proves the opposite

  4. George says there's always peaks and valleys in the UFO topic and yes that's so true. But for those of us we are always interested in this topic. Majority of people are just living their lives which we all are but we UFO people are always paying attention. Which I think people should pay some attention to it.

  5. Miss Houston says:

    It floors me that anyone is mad at Dr. Lacatski. He didn't have to tell us anything, but he told us what he could. Like George said, if it weren't for Lacatski coming forward to correct the record about AAWSAP and AATIP, we'd still be in the dark about so much of this stuff. I, for one, am very grateful for the work you guys continue to do despite knowing that some people will never be satisfied or happy with the information they wouldn't have had otherwise.

  6. George A. says:

    AARO is a reverse Trojan Horse. It’s a black hole designed to take in information they don’t want out to the public as opposed to their stated mission of “transparency”. Anyone with any kind of information would do well to steer well clear of them.

  7. Brian Doolin says:

    As an Irishman, Kelliher is a shady f*cker… he’s the type over here who sits alone in a locals pub……

  8. Qpapayandi says:

    There was once an overwhelming force.
    And everyone said, but of course.
    But when Jeremy and George
    Get their friends on the floor
    The performance is impotent and flailing

  9. Another reason to despise republicans. I’m a staunch liberal but I fuck with Burchette. He’s authentic and not out of touch with reality

  10. David Holden says:

    Hello Jeremy, love your show with George. I hope everything is okay. Haven’t heard from you in over a week. Did you let too much out in the last show

  11. Z says:

    Why don't we look into Col Karl Nell's comments? To me the closest thing to proof

  12. Amin Am says:

    As I expected from the beginning!
    they target the top of the pyramids of the irrational apes since thousands of years ago.
    Zionism is the ancient-new religion and X substance is the tool to take control of the dominant irrational apes that’s why the irrational apes work hard to keep the phenomenon hidden (UAP) and that’s the secret if ignorance and the lack of humanity among the dominant irrational apes.
    Planet of the irrational apes is planet of endless wonders! this is planet of the irrational apes no doubt about that.

  13. lacray65 says:

    Jeremy read your messages. Re the mug i purchased.

  14. Mike Lee says:

    I HOPE that our government has recovered UFO’s and have utilized them to create advanced weapons, because if China or Russia has, then we’re in another arms race FAR more consequential than the last one in the cold war. Now, i also hope that if they do indeed have it, that its not used against US.

  15. John H says:

    the SCIF was a waste of time. The intel community intentionally didnt give anything.

  16. Kevin Miller says:

    If alleged NHI are sharing tech with our military/intelligence agencies, then they're kind of evil too.

  17. More episodes! Love Weaponized!

  18. Intraphase1 says:

    25:44 I like Lacatski,. I wanted the privacy switch on my post thrown. Me verses you three is like 25:44. I've been dealing with the same old stuff for 60 years. Reading between the lines as Lacatsky suggested means to me: They understand 8-billion people was enough math weight and info weight to broadcast abstract signals inward through the fabrics, creating real honest to goodness "time-loops." So in James's metaphor of entering the craft and reaching the center, is similar to Netflix "1899" series. The time loops were distorting group reality and have been neutralized and cleared by completing parallel sequences of:
    Bid-Play-Gambit = Assemble-Attend-Disassemble = Past-Present-Future = Monuments-Languages-Librararies,
    as the main lenses to study blocks of time and the info flows of variables that changes and updates the ( = ) between blocks. It is very simple once you grasp 2-5 simple truths. Information is sizeless,. A point is sizeless on the outside and infinite on its interior. Put together those two axiom imply a "sizeless realm of information management" and the ability to create professionally animated realms of stable cause and effect interaction. Those two previous posits are a good example of the 2=3 fuzzy logic.
    Once you have three as: "Sizeless Realm of Info Management," the real heavy lifting of creating the "arts and sciences" of info management starts. 2=3 fuzzy logic quickly expands to 3=4 / 4=5 as two new alphabets are built for two unique languages that separate our cosmos as a "Self" from the previous exterior versions of cosmos as "Others"

    In the time-loop era Hagar, Sarah, Abraham, Isaac, David and all three versions of Jesus were scapegoated. This implies by the ideas above that they are here now and when "aware" rather flustered and flummoxed by a broadcast of 8-billion humans in this era imprinting them and their narratives towards the inward fabric maths as eternal scapegoats. The key to resolution was matching the "40 Year Desert" sequence. The machines negotiated the parameters and the: Assemble-Attend-Disassemble function was satisfied and the blueprint recoded with the two new alphabets to protect the devout Jews-Christians-Muslims who are rules based mind builders (shipwrights) from the their depraved pygmy cannibal cohorts that have no real belief in consciousness as a divine experience, that can be pretty satisfying if a player cooperates.

    So yes in metaphor we accessed the interior of the ship and made it to the center by dismantling the time-loop scaffolding and cranes used to build the basement, substructure and superstructure. Whether Bobby Enoch, Johnny Noah and Jimmy Moses, like the way things turned out once the time loops cleared is irrelevant. Within that triad of 2 Vs. 1, it was Enoch – Noah Vs. Moses and the outcomes math remainder is a guy who is just like the scapegoats, glad to be free of the pain time-loops inflict on those stuck in the eddies and venturi effects of block time struggling to update between blocks. I buy all unclaimed cause and effects, including the 1967 pole shift or simple stuff like when the children's time mafias razzed George about the word sirocco. I have many brooms and street sweepers…📢📢
    The best question I use currently is why is "professionally animated realms of stable cause and effect interaction" so hard to fathom.
    So I listen to tons of people, talk about tons of stuff, and try to boil it down, to explanations a grandmother could understand. The only logical fixation and obsession for me left is long range transportation and communication. If we succeed this era shall be the ancient past.

    Moses – Have You Ever Been Experienced

    I like the turnbuckle scaffolding effect

    Noah – The Continuing Story of Bungling Low's Bills

    Enoch – Forty Miles Of Bad Road – Passing Thru

    Time-loops as scaffolding and construction cranes
    dismantled and disassembled by reaching the center
    of cosmos equation with two private alphabets and a
    7=8 fuzzy logic monument system, that has been
    assembled-attended-diassembled and is used to
    regulate consciousness across blocks of time.
    I like this bit: "Someday this wars gonna end."

    Walking Thru Whatever They Do – To Get One Life

    No worries. 🎩

  19. Hello Jeremy and George! Thanks for your contribution to fields of UAP and mysterious phenomena. Love your work ❤ When’s the next episode coming out??? Soon I hope 😉

  20. James temple says:

    Not to sure if anybody else is wondering what the hell is going on now after the latest US congress hearing with the whistleblowers present..??
    And tuning in to watch and support with thousands of others! Only to be all left in the dark! With nothing now for months!

  21. Mike 1285 says:

    Im a believing Christian and the knowledge of Aliens is not in direct opposition of my belief in scripture…. and im fairly strict in my reading/interpretation of the word. In fact it might bring legitimacy in some areas of scripture… Angels/demons could easily be read as aliens. My point is, organized religion will not disappear if disclosure happened… challenged maybe but not rendered unless.

  22. marcgib2 says:

    Guys UFO legislation will never go through, you are dreaming, monetary interests will win the day.. unfortunately

  23. Ken Beam says:

    AARO is a Catch and Kill operation. Haven’t we learned anything from Blue Book or any of the rest of them. I had high hopes but instead ARRO pulls a Trump.

  24. Sean_C82 says:

    I have always thought one of the biggest reasons they dont want to give this technology up is bc of money.. what happens when we sont need exxon or bp anymore.. that kind of money IS power.. power over people.. power over governments..

  25. Sean_C82 says:

    Arrow 1000% is setup to help the people that want to keep this secret

  26. M says:

    I do so hope you two gentlemen are right ❤

  27. Thankfully Lacatski and his lacky weren 't back on

  28. jkleein says:

    excellent content…keep ART BELLS spirit alive!!!

  29. Kirkpatrick…your a fool

  30. CalCFC says:

    No Weaponized today ?

  31. AARO like the mafia investigating the Mafia…BS on another scale.

  32. Baleur says:

    Jeremy really pushing the threat narrative lately, spooky music, talk of hostility despite all evidence to the contrary.
    It's interesting to see where he'll take it, to what end? And why is he doing it?
    If you know anything about astronomy, you know how dumb that whole narrative is. Our universe is filled with next to infinite resources and ample living space, there's no reason to invest any energy what so ever into "invading" another planet. So the question is why, why push it so hard?

    I can understand if it's a sort of manipulation TOWARDS the military-industrial complex / government and senate, because the more you push the "they could be a threat" issue, the more attention and serious investigation the topic gets, and perhaps that leads to us getting the information out from the compartmentalized programs.
    But my point is this, it's an extremely dangerous game to be playing…

    You risk believing your own manipulation, the longer you stay with it.
    And the worst risk of all, is that the industrial-intelligence complex then has a much easier time to subvert the whole narrative and take over the threat narrative, that you handed them on a silver platter, to turn the whole issue into "Independence Day".
    You're basically doing them a favor, you're not manipulating them as you think you are.

    You're manipulating congress to take it seriously, and thats a good thing.
    But in doing so, you're also ALLOWING congress to be manipulated by these programs, to believe in the threat narrative.
    Just look at Oglethorpes (or whatever his name was) LEADING questions to get the answers he wanted..
    "Is it possible that these UFO's are preforming recon of our nuclear facilities?" Yes, obivously 'possible'.
    "Is it possible that they could outmatch any of our military vehicles?" Yes obviously.
    "Is it possible that IF we were in a war, they would annihilate us?" Yes, obviously.

    See, by asking leading questions, that have no other logical answer than yes, you're twisting the perception in the way you wanted.
    If instead, he asked the opposite, the exact opposite perception would prevail.
    "Is it possible that these UFO's are concerned with our existential risks?" Yes, anything is possible.
    "Is it possible that they are willing to trade with us for mutual benefit?" Yes, how could we know, its possible.
    "Is it possible that they are peaceful since they havent outright invaded us in millions of years?" Yes, of course its possible.

    See the point? Dont be fooled by leading questions. Look at EVIDENCE.
    This is extremely serious stuff. Stuff that could lead to the absolute extinction of the human species.

    We've been here for millions of years, with UFO visitation, and they havent made us extinct, they've let us live and do our thing without interference.
    If we start SHOOTING at ET's, we risk extinction of ourselves, because it's NOT a winnable fight.
    So be very aware of what you're doing Jeremy.
    This isnt just fun sci-fi exciting talk about hostility, because we think its exciting in Star Wars when phasers start firing.
    This is real life, and this kind of narrative, if pursued and pushed further, literally gives the bad people in power a casus belli on a silver platter to start hostilities, from OUR side.

    Even if you're just asking a hypothetical question "could they be hostile?", it's instantly manipulated and twisted into "they ARE hostile" by these covert forces.
    Please be more aware of what you're doing..

  33. It would appear as if you both have been duped yet again are not able to see the circle in you are kept in by the folks in the know… they run you two in circles giving you hope for what may come …. Can’t you see it won’t ever be here what your seeking will never be disclosed

  34. john gore says:


  35. Ashley Straw says:

    Gents, the reason people are mad us because until this information is disclosed or at least formally and officially confirmed thr stigma will remain and those that are mad will continue to be treated like lunatics. That's why "the communtiy" are mad and will continue to be unhappy with these snippets which just seem to be missed and not reported by MSM, what is required to stop the stigma and the make the MSM and world actually pay attention is formal and official confirmation in a massive press conference.

  36. Can he tell you privately (in a recorded statement) than can be shown in the event of his demise?

  37. Do you have any info on the alleged crashed Russian UFO shown on a documentary narrated by the film star Roger Moore. Were those images real or fake?

  38. Downloaded parts 1 & 2 about George , brilliant! Can you include Lazar in future episodes?

  39. defuse56 says:

    Right on the cutting edge as usual!👽

  40. Intraphase1 says:

    USG shall have many ticks and twitches as it is revived.

  41. Keep contacting your representatives

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