3X Capacity 67XL Ink Cartridge Replacement for HP Ink 67 Black XL HP67 HP67XL 2700 2700e…

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Compatible with: 1255. 2700 2700e Series: 2710e, 2720e, 2721e, 2722, 2722e, 2723e, 2724, 2725, 2732, 2742e, 2752e, 2755, 2755e. 4100 4100eSeries: 4110e, 4120e, 4121e, 4122e, 4123e, 4130e, 4132e, 4152e, 4155e, 4158e
Compatible with: 4122, 4132, 4155
Compatible with: 6000 6000e Series: 6010e, 6020e, 6022e, 6030e, 6032e, 6034e, 6050e, 6052e, 6055, 6055e, 6075, 6075e. 6400 6400e Series: 6420e, 6422e, 6430e, 6432e, 6450e, 6452e, 6455, 6455e, 6458e, 6475e
Compatible with: 6455, 6458, 6475
High Yield: Up to Higher Yield 700 pages per 67 XL Black ink cartridge (approx.)
Package Contents: 2-Pack 67XL black ink cartridges (this is not an original product)
All 67XL cartridges black has undergone strict inspections to ensure that each product is perfectly compatible with your printer. Ubinki provides 24-month warranty and free exchange for defective cartridge
When occur an error message ‘Replace Cartridge’ or ‘Low ink’ , please reinstall them and try several times, or press “Yes”, “Continue”, “Accept” or “OK” to dismiss the prompt

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