This Black Friday, you should get yourself a starter NAS

Share the Tech Knowledge! (Harish Jonnalagadda)
2023-11-20 09:16:16

I have dozens of gadgets in the house, but the one that gets the most amount of use has to be the NAS. I use a DiskStation DS1019+ for backing up all my photos and videos, and there’s a DiskStation DS1522+ that serves as my Plex media server. I’ve been using a NAS server as centralized storage for just over a decade now, and it is one of those products that you don’t really realize you need until you get one, and then you wonder how you’ve done things without it.

The basic premise of a NAS is straightforward; it’s just a metal box that houses hard drives, and then you connect it via Ethernet to your router so it’s accessible to all devices on your home network. What makes a NAS so great is the seamlessness with which it lets you do things — whether that’s streaming locally-saved media via Plex, backing up photos, videos, and documents automatically, running your own audio server, and so on.

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